Each autograph offered for sale is scrutinized before it is placed on our website. It is compared with examples collected over thirty years of dealing and collecting boxing memorabilia. Each autograph will come with a letter of authenticity from JO Sports, Inc. If an item we sell has a letter of authenticity from anyone else it will be noted in our writeup and sold with the item. I do not recognize so called third party expert authenticators. Any purchaser desiring an opinion from these so called experts should obtain it before making the purchase from JO Sports, Inc. No refund will be granted because an autograph sold by JO Sports, Inc. has been rejected or granted a “no opinion” by any third party authenticator. Unlike these experts I am unable to authenticate baseball players, football players, soccer players, hockey players, world leaders, presidents, senators, movie stars, crime figures, literary figures, billiard players, astronauts, NASA scientists, inventors, the rich and famous, rock and roll singers, jazz singers, opera singers, song writers, civil rights leaders, historical figures or real estate moguls. I can not authenticate Mother Teresa, Roberto Clemente, Al Capone, Charles Dickens, Pele, Werhner Von Braun, Jim Thorpe, Moses, Shirley Temple or the Magnificent Seven. My only expertise is boxing. I do know that a purported signature of Battling Nelson on a picture of Terry McGovern is likely not a signed photograph of Battling Nelson. I do pay attention to the history behind each autograph sold. People who obtain exemplars from me will not then sit in a position to judge my expertise. Please review my policy carefully and review each signature carefully before buying. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Craig Hamilton
President-JO Sports, Inc.