History: he Joe Gans-Battling Nelson fight in Goldfield, Nevada on September 3, 1906 rates as one of the greatest lightweight championship bouts ever contested. For 42 hard fought rounds the two lightweights engaged in a titanic struggle, which is the longest gloved championship match recorded under Marquis of Queensbury rules. The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Sep 4, "Dancing lightly in and away, Gans hit Nelson when and where he pleased" and described Gans as "a marvel of speed and science." Gans scored two knockdowns and had his opponent out on his feet on two other occasions when the granite chinned Nelson was saved by the bell. In today’s fight game the fight would have been stopped long before the 42nd round when Bat purposely fouled out. Nelson absorbed a frightful beating, his left eye was closed and he was bleeding from his ears, mouth, and nose, as well as cuts on his face. Frankie Neil, a former bantamweight champion and a ringside eyewitness, said, “It looks as though Nelson, who was a very badly beaten man, took an easy way to quit." (Chronicle Sep 4, 1906). Offered here is a very scarce, original stubless ticket for this event.

Full description: This is an original, stubless, on site ticket which names the fighters, venue and date. Bold color and print. Minor crease in upper right corner. Corner wear. Mild stains faded into background. No tears. Issued for a Gallery Seat. 2 5/8" x 3 3/4."

Size: 2 5/8 x 3 3/4

Categories: Ticket & Credentials - Gans, Joe - Nelson, Battling

Condition: very good

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Price: $2500.00

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